Maximum Benefit from Tantric and Tantra Teachings


To really achieve the maximum benefit from studying the art of tantra and tantric methodologies, one really does need to dedicate themselves to this way of thinking and even this way of life as it were. This involves practicing things like meditation and really allowing some time to ponder and think. By thinking deeper, using tantric breathing exercises and listening more carefully in general that we are able to connect better with our spiritual side and gain this deeper understanding.

As a student of tantra you will also need to really accept yourself for who you are and this also means not just to accept but to love yourself for all your faults. This can be a very empowering process and something that allows for deeper sexual and spiritual enlightenment.

One other important aspect of tantric teachings is one where we begin to realize that our partner is not our own personal possession and is not something that belongs to us. Those that are of this type of mindset are often those that experience many negative issues in body and mind through negative feelings such as jealousy, anger, confusion etc. and through using tantric teachings we can learn to overcome this and to not look at boundaries in this manner.

One thing that couples who are seeking to learn more about themselves sexually would be to really look into things like tantric massage therapy as a way to really achieve a much stronger and deeper relationship with their partner. This is why couples might often look online for tantric massage London services whereby they can actually be really coached as to how to really give a truly authentic and sensual massage with their partner.

Again this means dropping the boundaries that one might normally associate within a relationship to really let onself go to take part in such therapy with their partner

Finding a Tantric Therapist


Relaxation has become an important part of our lives in this day and age and this is predominately due to the fact that we are leading rather stressful lifestyles in general due to increased work demands and having o make sure the bills are paid etc. The cost of living in the UK has also been on the increase whereas wages really do not seem to be keeping up

This is one of the reasons that things like relaxation activities have become more popular. One such example of this would be tantric massage is really an allover therapy technique which affects mind, body and spirit as one united experience.

Learning to relax is actually something in itself and some people find this a lot harder than others. But those that are successful at learning to totally switch off from the outside world and to really embrace tantra as a form of therapy can really benefit from this in many ways.

By working on the Chakra’s or energy centres which are located along the spine, a fully qualified tantric massage therapist is able to work and release this energy around the body to promote both a sensual experience as well as calm body and mind, which for many is a very welcome bonus for many taking part in this therapy.

When you have found and vetted your tantric therapist it is time to decide whether you would prefer to have an outcall VIP tantric massage or you would prefer to visit the massage parlour itself. This is of course totally down to the individual preference and some of this depends on comfort, convenience and also whether the client is bothered about discretion when it comes to indulging in what is quite a sensual form of massage therapy in the public domain for example. To find out more about this type of therapy then there are various sites online where you can get a lot of information and also you can try some of the accredited organisations for some recommendations.

Shyness with Women


It is actually fairly common for a guys to be quite shy around girls that they are trying to chat up and although this can be quite a debilitating problem for a lot of guys ot is also something that one can get round fairly easy with the right planning and application.

It really is something that you can train yourself to do in a lot instances when you are out with friends and groups etc. One of the first things that you can do is to really make more of an effort when in a group to be more outgoing and to talk more. It is an ideal time to practice among those that you know as you will generally feel more comfortable and less bothered if you were to make a mistake for example.

The next thing to do is to get out and socialize. This is a great way to start meeting new people and there are plenty of options here such as going to the gym or perhaps even going down to the local bar for example. It in fact doesn’t really matter where you go, but as long as your socializing and out meeting people it will all help towards reaching the endgame of being more confident around women.

You could always do some practice with a friend and this will all stand you in good stead before the real thing. You will probably feel more comfortable with a friend and therefore less inclined to worry about you come across and so is like a dress rehearsal for the real thing.

When you are in a position where you do feel more confident then you can really take things to the next level. This would be a good time to ask a girl out somewhere for a date. When it comes to chooseing where to go for this you will probably want ot think about where the girl would want to go and this is where you will need to be a bit creative. Going out for a coffee, or perhaps to the pub or perhaps take here down for a bit of pampering at your local Nuru massage salon where she could also get some beauty treatment done. All girls do lobe to be pampered and so this would probably make the ideal choice for your first date!